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Learn & play chess the FUN way with the ultimate chess app for ChessKids

t Chess Pro
t Chess Pro is particularly handy for entering game moves and can also export games.  

Shredder Chess
Shredder is one of the worlds best chess programs for PC. Shredder has made an excellent version for Apple devices. It has a nice tactics trainer, but the tactics on should be more of a focus for tactics training. Shredder can also be used to enter games played and saved for later review.
Dinosaur Chess
The reviews for Dinosaur chess really tell the story the best. This is a great primer app for our young players to learn the basics in a very fun way.

Windows Apps
These three sites provide additional information: Chess Steps | Chess Tutor | Chess Tutor 1, 2 and 3
Chess Tutor is a step-by-step method of teaching children how to play chess, developed by Rob Brunia and Cor van Wijgerden. The Chess Tutor program is from the makers of the Shredder Chess program and applies the Shredder chess engine to the learning steps in the Tutor program.
Fritz is one of the chess program used by chess Masters for tournament preparation. It comes with a database of a million chess games. This program is sold through a US distributor Viva Media and can at times be found at a significant discount. You can purchase the Viva Media licensed version of the program from

(different packaging, same program)

Fritz 15 is the latest version of the Fritz program.


Coach Jay's Chess Academy
Excellent application for structured repetition of key elements of learning the game.!/id907007624?mt=8

Mate in 1 Puzzles
Mate in 1 puzzles can be solved quickly and are helpful for tactics training. There are also the companion apps Mate in 2, Mate in 3 and Mate in 4+, however they are composition problems that don't necessarily represent natural game situations and many were designed at a time when the Xbox and Comcast didn't compete spending hours to solve a single puzzle.  

Problems get very difficult quickly. A challenging Tactics Trainer that gives you a progress rating.

ChessBase gives you access to the largest chess database in the world.