Welcome to Chess at Play!

This year we have roled our club activities into our tournament schedule because we have a very extensive schedule.

We participate in:
School Chess Association Tournaments
Minnesota Chess Assocation Tournaments
Chess Castle of Minnesota Events
Minnesota Blizzard Events
Twin Cities Chess League
High School Chess League
Regional Scholastics (Ice Harbor - Iowa)
United States Chess Federation Scholastic events
(US Junior Open, Northield July 20 17 and SuperNationals, Tennessee May, 2017)
SCA Chess Camps, Ole Chess Camp
Out-state USCF Events (Rochester / Duluth)

We send out specific schedules via e-mail, parent community on Facebook.

Schedules by organization:

We are the chess club for Seven Hills Preparatory Academy, but we are open to kids that might not have a scholastic chess program at their school that meets their needs. We do not have an active recruitment program for our club. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at info@chessatplay.com.